Global Health Facts : Young children who become infected with HBV are the most likely to develop chronic infection.



Anne-Marie Rick

Anne-Marie joined in the apostolates of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity when she traveled to Calcutta this past summer. Through the Center for Social Concerns’ service learning program, she worked in a hospice for the dest...


Brian Towle

Brian, as one of Meg’s siblings, has shared his sister’s interests in the endeavor of caring for Lesotho’s young, HIV-impacted population. He travele...


Bryan Hambley

Bryan’s summer in Cambodia included teaching English courses and visiting a resettlement camp for internally displaced people. He did this under the auspices of Maryknoll, the Catholic mission society, with whom the Center for Socia...


Jana Miller

Participation in a medical mission to Haiti while she was in high school stirred Jana’s desire to be a doctor in a part of the world where the need is greatest. This past summer, a nine-week service-learning opportunity in Senegal h...


Jason Laws

Jason returned recently from eight weeks in Thailand, working at Maryknoll facilities that care for orphans and other destitute people, as well as teaching and doing home visits for a child-development center that encourages youths vi...


Joe Mather

Joe says his experience with the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta taught a powerful lesson of “how the brutal reality of infectious diseases disproportionately affects the poor.” His work, which was part of the Center for Socia...


Kim Del Guercio

Kim spent two months this summer in Malawi, one of the poorest nations in the world, seeing first-hand the linkage between malnourishment and vulnerability to diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS...


Maggie Condit

Maggie came to Notre Dame already having had first-hand experience with international health challenges. For three years, she had joined her Domer father, Dr. Donald Condit ’80, in annual visits to El Salvador, where they worked in ...


Meg Towle

A trip to Bolivia as a high schooler awakened Meg to international health issues, and she followed up as an undergraduate when she and her Domer father, Dr. Daniel Towle ’77, traveled to the southern African country of Lesotho throu...


Michael Dewan

Comments by Michael Dewan on his experience in Uganda…

My freshman year, I went to Honduras with MEDICO (Medical Eye Dental International Care Organization-a nonprofit based in Texas) and worked a...


Michael Kozak

Mike returned to the United States this July after nine weeks experiencing health, education, and faith life in Uganda as the guest of a parish run by the Congregation of Holy Cross. His journey was coordinated through the Internation...


Stephanie Gharakhanian

A summer of study in Cambodia through the Center for Social Concerns in 2005 was part of an educational process for Stephanie. She worked in a nutrition center that cared for disabled children—a group that is largely cast into the s...

The Role of the Jordan Hall of Science

Jordan Hall of Science

A cutting-edge facility to forge 21st century solutions to the global health crisis. This year’s Forum coincides with the opening of our new Jordan Hall of Science... > Read More

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World AIDS Week

In commemoration of World AIDS Day on December 1st, the World AIDS Day task force sponosred by the CSC will be hosting a week of events that focus on increasing awareness for HIV/AIDS among Notre Dame students and faculty.